Ok. Sorry guys. I’ll be right up front with this one.
only if your really needing an actual sausage do I recommend this one.
pastry was fine, but it only had half the expected filling. It was nearly all breadcrumbs and coursely chopped onions and it was a bit dry.
mans given that there was almost no meat/filling, $5.30 is a tad rich.



We came for the bacon and egg toasties. But they have a bakery so we reviewed that as well.
drew Bailingup has an eclectic collection of stores. It is a place that presents itself to the author as a place of “outside-of-the-box” thinkers.
A public bathroom building in a octagon with all of the plumbing in the centre.
A packing g shed turned into a cafe, mini museum and pharmacy.
A scented new age oils, candles and balms shop… and a bakery called:

One nuggety sausage roll:
pastry was flakey
filling was a solid well seasoned hunk of sausage mince, almost no breadcrumbs in this bad boy. A tad more fatty but very tasty.
good seasoning on the pastry glaze. Served in a double layered paper bag.

the best in lower WA so far this holiday.


A ways down in the south of Western Australia, is a lovely little town on the way to Manjimup.
I came thru in the early afternoon in search of a bit of lunch.
The bakery (as with most of the town’s shops) is on the Main Street in the old buildings.
It was a cold and wet afternoon, and that bakery was warm and inviting, even with the COVID sign saying 4 customers at a time allowed in. The staff were cheerful as well.

The sausage roll:
less than a fiver
slightly bready filling (not much beef)
well seasoned
flakey pastry
descent for a sausage roll bought about 2 pm on a Monday afternoon.
3.5/5 score.

Pinjarra Bakery and patisserie -Maddington

When a bakery gets big enough to be a drive through venue you get Pinjarra Bakery and Patisserie. Walk in and it’s rather like walking in to a McCafé. Frappes and coffees abound, delightful looking pastries that many a trader might be enticed to buy with their coffee to go.

1871 Albany Highway

Maddington WA 6109


The sausage roll:

For something purchased at 8:30 am, I felt it was a bit hard and crusty.

Pastry 2.5/5 stars. A tad gooey.

Filling 3.5/5 stars. Small chunks of onion let us know that this sausage roll was made, not processed. Nice flavour, tasty and safe.

Chittaway Bakehouse Central Coast NSW or the best sausage roll ever

Best sausage roll ever

It’s a big claim but I’m going to put it out there:

Chittaway bakehouse do the best sausage rolls. (so far)

I waltz on in to the bakery. It looks like the good old fashionedAussie/Vietnamese run bakeries I grew with in the ‘burbs of Sydney. And there smiling at me are two very not-Asian Aussie ladies ready to serve baked goods to tradies et al. It’s almost 3 in the afternoon and the school pick up is on, the working day is coming to an end and yet I have an Ah-Maze-Zing sausage roll in a white paper bag ready to share with my friend.

Super flaky buttery puffpasty

Tasty meaty filling

Great Price

5 stars


Goulburn has (more than) two bakeries

I was wondering down the main drag of Goulburn on my way to the ACT.

Behold! Two bakeries almost side by side. Separated only by two shops between.  Luckily, I have a friend on hand so we could share the job of reviewing one from each:

Goulburn Bakery:

A nice asian bakery.

Filling was a bit bready. But a solid effort and the cheaper option.

3 stars

Bryants’s Famous Pies

Definitely the one to go to out of the two:

Filling felt like it had meat in it, tasty and good pastry.

4 stars

All things Sausage Roll: a celebration of the tasty food.